Ski and Snowboard Club 2020

Getting excited for another great Season!

Ms. Duda is leading the Ski & Snowboard Club this year. Special thanks to Ms. Fitzgerald, Ms. Raso, Mr. Harrison, and Ms. Dalfior for helping get our club set up for success in 2020.

PowerPoint from 11/25 Meeting

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Bigelow Ski and Snowboard Club 2020

Ski and Snowboard Club is an after school club that runs ski/snowboard trips out to Wachusett Mountain on four evenings after school; 1/30 (Thursday), 2/5 (Wednesday), 2/12 (Wednesday), and 2/26 (Wednesday). Sign up is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and is on a first come - first served basis. Due to bus capacity, we can only take 50 students per trip. You may sign up for 1, 2, 3, or 4 trips, as long as there is space. You can cancel your registration without penalty up until the Friday before your scheduled trip. **Registration is not guaranteed until payment has been received - completing a registration form does NOT guarantee registration. Please make check payable to BIGELOW MIDDLE SCHOOL**

Helmets are MANDATORY

Students must complete ImPACT Testing prior to their first trip. ImPACT Testing is a baseline cognitive assessment that can help in the diagnosis or care of someone who has suffered a head injury. It is a computer-based test that takes about 30 minutes and must be done every three years to be useful. If your student has not completed ImPACT testing this school year, please have her/him see me to set up a time to be tested during school if necessary. Students may also complete the test at home on a personal computer using the directions below.

Questions? Email me:

ImPACT Testing Link:

1. Click here to access the IMPACT test

2. Copy and paste the user name/password below (make sure there are no extra spaces before/after the text):

User Name:

Password: Bigelow19!

3. Click on "Start New Test"

4. Click "First time test takers"

5. Click on the words "Newton Public Schools"

6. Click on "Baseline"

7. Choose the correct language for YOU!

8. Answer the questions as best as you can. Some of the questions in the first section are optional. Don't worry too much about answering everything correctly. You are not being graded; just try your best!

2020 Costs Including Bus (Per Trip)

  • All Area Lift Ticket ($73)
  • Lift Ticket & Ski Rental ($90)
  • Lift Ticket & Snowboard Rental ($90)
  • Transportation Only ($35)
  • Helmet Rental Only (+$7)

Registration Form - 2020

Suggested Equipment List

  • Avoid Cotton!!
  • Wool or fleece hat
  • Waterproof insulated gloves
  • Nylon wind/rain pants or ski pants
  • Wind/rain/snow parka with hood
  • Pocket tissue and lip balm
  • Thermal layer (“long-johns”)
  • Woolen sweater, turtleneck or fleece
  • Scarf or neck gaiter
  • Goggles and helmet (helmet is mandatory)
  • Thin wool/ski sock
  • Reusable water bottle

Helpful Tips

  • Dress in multiple layers rather than wearing one heavy layer.
  • Avoid cotton if at all possible. Synthetics, wool, and silk are warm and wick away moisture whereas cotton absorbs moisture and feels cold.
  • Do not layer your socks, a good thin wool ski sock or newer synthetic fabrics will allow you more comfort and circulation for your feet.
  • Goggles are nice to have when they are making and blowing artificial snow and to protect your eyes from the cold and wind.
  • Bring some snacks and a water bottle for the bus ride and money for dinner.
  • Make healthy snack/dinner choices to maximize your energy!
  • Lockers are available but cost a small fee.
  • Know your limits. If your friends are more or less advanced, ride the lift together and arrange to meet back at the bottom so everyone can choose a trail that is appropriate for their own level.


  • Drop-Off Equipment 7:35-8:10 AM: Drop-off your labeled equipment (skis, boots, snowboard, clothing bag, etc.) in front of the outdoor atrium across from Mr. Whitman’s room. Stack your equipment neatly and do not block interior doorways or exits with your gear. Thank you for reinforcing this to your children.
  • Pick-Up Equipment 2:45-2:55 PM: After school, pick-up your stuff and move quickly to the bus that is waiting on Arlington Street near Burr Park. Load your equipment under the bus and then get on. Check to make sure you have all of your equipment before we leave (hats, gloves, helmet, school books, etc). We will not be able to enter the school when we return so please plan accordingly with anything you need to bring home.
  • On The Bus 3:00-4:15 PM: No talking while chaperones are checking the attendance and reading off names. A movie will start shortly and chaperones will go over what will happen upon arrival at the mountain. Students should watch the movie, work on homework, talk quietly, or listen to personal media using headphones only. Student must be safely seated in a single seat and face forward during travel. Students may be assigned seats if they cannot be safe during the ride or quiet during attendance procedures. Please note, buses are filled to capacity.
  • Arrive at Wachusett ~4:15 PM: Unload bus by allowing those who need rentals to exit first. Proceed to the rental building (those that need rental equipment) or to the main lodge to change and store belongings. There are cubbies and shelves where you can leave your belongings. Do not leave them scattered on the floor or they will most likely be moved and possibly lost or stolen. Lockers are also available for an additional cost throughout the main lodge and rental shop. You can change into your ski clothes in the restrooms that are located in the lodge and rental shop. SKIS, POLES, AND SNOWBOARDS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE LODGE. Wachusett provides free ski and snowboard storage service just outside the lodge.
  • Free Time 4:15-6:00 PM: Ski/ride on your own (with friends) for those who are experienced. There is a very easy slope just outside the rental area to become familiar with your equipment, balance, and basic techniques for stopping and falling down. Be sure to not ski/ride beyond your limits just to be with a friend. Many lifts have multiple trails to go down. Pick one that matches your experience level and plan to meet at the bottom if in doubt. Be sure to check the time often.
  • Check-In 6:00-6:15 PM: All students must check-in with the designated chaperone outside of the main lodge.
  • Free Time 6:15-8:00 PM: Ski/ride on your own (with friends) for those who are experienced.
  • Last Run/Return Equipment/Snack/Bus 8:00-8:30 PM: Take your last run and/or return your rental equipment to the rental area. Save some time for hot chocolate, snack, changing into dry clothes, gathering belongings and reporting to your assigned bus. Load equipment, board bus, and return to Bigelow.
  • Travel Home 8:35-9:45 PM: Bus ride back to Bigelow. Parents should pick up students from the parking lot by the gym entrance. Students will call for a ride when we are 15 minutes away from Bigelow.

**It is important to be picked up on time so that the chaperones can get home. They will have been on duty for over 14 hours**

Check Here for the Most up-to-date Info and Preparing for Your Trip

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Final Trip Details 2020