Concert Info

Concert Attire:

  • White dress shirt (button-down, long-sleeve preferred)
  • Black dress pants/skirt
  • Black socks/stockings
  • Black dress shoes
  • Purple bow tie or accent (school has bow ties available for $5)
  • NOT Acceptable: Sneakers, flip-flops, jeans, leggings, sleeveless shirts, midriffs, mini-skirts, shorts

Concert Attendance:

All Concerts are Mandatory! The concert is a culmination of the class, equivalent to a final project or final exam, thus they are of utmost importance!

As an ensemble, we cannot perform at our best without every member involved! We have no bench-warmers in music. Every student is an important part of the groups they participate in.

Absences are acceptable only for:

    • Attending funerals
    • Illness provided that the teacher is notified before the concert
    • extenuating circumstances will be considered provided teacher is notified at least TWO weeks before the concert

Absences will be dealt with on an individual basis.

CALENDAR: (All concerts start at 7 pm in the Bigelow Auditorium unless otherwise noted)


Tuesday January 14th - Orchestra & Jazz Band

Wed. January 22nd - Concert Band & Symphonic Band


Wed. May 27th - Concert Band & Symphonic Band

Monday June 1st - Orchestra/Jazz Band 7 pm & Chorus 8 pm