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Scott T. Barnes - editor

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Vol. 15 / Issue 56 - 57 / 2021

cover art by Fiona Meng

Readers' Choice Awards 2021

Our fourth anthology, The Cosmic Muse, will be a collection of our favorite stories and poems that use music and art to create magic or to express a character's awe and wonder of the universe. We've had some very beautiful stories and poems in years past, and we've selected some of our favorites for you to vote on to win this year's Readers' Choice Awards. The top two winners in each category will win a small cash award and recognition in The Cosmic Muse. So please once again help us select the "best of the best," and vote for your top favorite music- and art-themed stories and poems.


Remember, you'll only be able to vote once, so please read all entries first before casting your vote. Thank you. And special thanks too to all the wonderful new submissions we received this year to be included in our new anthology.

And my personal thanks to Fiona Meng, our cover artist for both this issue's cover and for the anthology's cover. The Cosmic Muse may be our most beautiful anthology of all, one our readers can be proud to display on their coffee tables.

NewMyths.com Anthology News

Cover art by: Ron Sanders

Neosapiens: The Best of NewMyths III is nearly ready. An anthology full of our favorite stories and poems from the non-human point of view. Androids developing self-awareness, animals evolving sentience, aliens watching us, or mythical beings hiding among us.

Cover art by: Brian Quinn

Passages: The Best of NewMyths Volume I is now available on Amazon, and breaking news! soon will be out as an Audiobook!
Featuring over 400 pages of speculative fiction and poetry that looks at hopes, dreams, and supernatural experiences from the viewpoint of every stage in life, children, young adult, mid-life crises, and senior memories.


Cover art by: June

Twilight Worlds: The Best of NewMyths Volume II is now available for purchase. Featuring over 400 pages of speculative fiction and poetry, the anthology explores what happens when eras end and dawns break. It includes “best of” and original material. Please support your favorite online spec-fic magazine by purchasing, reviewing, and promoting Twilight Worlds!


Call for Submissions:

During our June 1 - July 31 (2022) reading period, we'll be looking for new stories and poems for our fifth anthology. A truly unique theme long overdue in speculative fiction. The Growers (working title) will take a look at the life, struggles and dreams of the ones who feed us all. In honor of the unsung farmers, technicians, first colonists-the true providers of our world-it's time to finally sing their song. We look forward to reading their stories.

This anthology is in honor of Woody Barnes, a botanist, farmer, and exceptional dad.

Books We Are Reading - Review

Peter Chiykowski - Author
Peter Chiykowski is the creator of the award-winning webcomic Rock Paper Cynic and the designer of The Story Engine Deck of writing prompts. His new book of microfiction The House of Untold Stories is forthcoming from Andrews-McMeel Publishing on August 31, 2021. He has twice won the Aurora Award for “Best Graphic Novel” from the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, and his writing, art, and memes have appeared in or been covered in books, newspaper articles, blogs, tabletop games, video games, and magazines coast to coast.

J.D. Harlock - Reviewer
J. D. is a Lebanese/Palestinian/Syrian writer based in Beirut. He graduated from the LAU Adnan Kassar School of Business in the spring of 2017 and just finished his masters in International Relations at the Queen Mary University of London.

The House of Untold Stories

Flash Fiction Collection by Peter Chiykowski
2021 Andrews McMeel Publishing

Reviewed by: J.D. Harlock


Early on, we’re informed that every page in The House of Untold Stories is a door, and that every door leads to a new tale of heartbreak, triumph, horror, or imagination. Having just finished the book last night, I’m happy to report that this collection of flash fiction pieces by Peter Chiykowski delivers on that promise.

As with any collection of stories, there are stories you’ll love and stories you’ll wonder why were included, but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t smiling the whole way through. The sheer creativity on display blew me away, with selections running the gamut from apocalyptic fiction to haunted house horror to urban fantasy and everything in between. Each concoction comes with a unique twist on these genres and their tropes that'll have you marveling at the ingenuity on display as much as the craftsmanship.

Comedies like “Three Weeks To Live” and “Our New Ritual” will have you rolling on the floor, tearjerkers like “The Time Machine” and “The Vines of Sorreastro” will have you grabbing for tissues, and horror stories like “Bite” and “Aunt Ellen’s Doll Collection” will keep you up at night with the lights on. By the end you’ll have trouble picking a favorite, and I mean that as a compliment (if I had to pick mine, it would be “Crossroads at Midnight,” which is the cleverest twist on a worn-out premise I’ve seen in a long time).

That’s not to say everything’s perfect. Pieces like “Witches’ Deep” should have been developed into short stories, while others like “After the Sunset” should have been polished more, and ones like “The Gods Meet” and “The Show Must Go On” could have been cut entirely. But such pieces are few, and being flash fiction, they go by so fast that they don’t impact the reading experience.

Such success can only happen when an author has gathered a staggering fifty flash pieces together, and at the very least, rest assured you’ll be entertained if not outright blown away by these yarns. If you're looking for a breezy palate cleanser between the heart-wrenching door stoppers the industry keeps publishing, check this one out. With fifty tales to pick from, you’re bound to find something you’ll love.

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