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Congratulations on the Rhysling nominations to NewMyths contributors R. Jean Bell for "The Bog Witch's Brew" and Beth Cato for "The Bookstore." If you haven’t yet joined the Science Fiction Poetry Association (sfpoetry.com) you are missing out on some great poetry.

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Scott T. Barnes - editor

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Readers' Choice Awards 2021

Our fourth anthology, The Cosmic Muse, will be a collection of our favorite stories and poems that use music and art to create magic or to express a character's awe and wonder of the universe. We've had some very beautiful stories and poems in years past, and we've selected some of our favorites for you to vote on to win this year's Readers' Choice Awards. The top two winners in each category will win a small cash award and recognition in The Cosmic Muse. So please once again help us select the "best of the best," and vote for your top favorite music- and art-themed stories and poems.


Remember, you'll only be able to vote once, so please read all entries first before casting your vote. Thank you. And special thanks too to all the wonderful new submissions we received this year to be included in our new anthology.

And my personal thanks to Fiona Meng, our cover artist for both this issue's cover and for the anthology's cover. The Cosmic Muse may be our most beautiful anthology of all, one our readers can be proud to display on their coffee tables.

NewMyths.com Anthology News

Cover art by: Ron Sanders

Neosapiens: The Best of NewMyths III is nearly ready. An anthology full of our favorite stories and poems from the non-human point of view. Androids developing self-awareness, animals evolving sentience, aliens watching us, or mythical beings hiding among us.

Cover art by: Brian Quinn

Passages: The Best of NewMyths Volume I is now available on Amazon, and breaking news! soon will be out as an Audiobook!
Featuring over 400 pages of speculative fiction and poetry that looks at hopes, dreams, and supernatural experiences from the viewpoint of every stage in life, children, young adult, mid-life crises, and senior memories.


Cover art by: June

Twilight Worlds: The Best of NewMyths Volume II is now available for purchase. Featuring over 400 pages of speculative fiction and poetry, the anthology explores what happens when eras end and dawns break. It includes “best of” and original material. Please support your favorite online spec-fic magazine by purchasing, reviewing, and promoting Twilight Worlds!


Call for Submissions:

During our June 1 - July 31 (2022) reading period, we'll be looking for new stories and poems for our fifth anthology. A truly unique theme long overdue in speculative fiction. The Growers (working title) will take a look at the life, struggles and dreams of the ones who feed us all. In honor of the unsung farmers, technicians, first colonists-the true providers of our world-it's time to finally sing their song. We look forward to reading their stories.

This anthology is in honor of Woody Barnes, a botanist, farmer, and exceptional dad.

Books We Are Reading - Review

Marjorie Liu - Author

New York Times-bestselling author Marjorie Liu shares the first installment in her new gripping graphic novel series, Monstress, Volume 1: Awakening. Described as "a delight" by Neil Gaiman, Marjorie and illustrator Sana Takeda have created a richly imagined world of art deco-inflected steam punk that will have readers highly anticipating the next book in the series. Monstress tells the story of a teenage girl who is struggling to survive the trauma of war, and who shares a mysterious psychic link with a monster of tremendous power, a connection that will transform them both and make them the target of both human and otherworldly powers. Illustrator Sana Takeda.


Monstress Series: Volume One - The Awakening

Epic fantasy comic series written by Marjorie Liu,

llustrated by Sana Takeda © Image Comics

Review by Brittany Bjorndal

Magical, Mysterious, Magnetic:

Monstress Will Move You and Leave You Buzzed

Monstress is an enthralling comic book series written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Sana Takeda. Gripping from the get-go, this series is hauntingly beautiful and not for the faint of heart. Following Maika Halfwolf, an unusual heroine with a dark side of her own, through a dangerous world full of magical creatures, monsters, friends, and foes, this gritty epic fantasy delivers a fascinating and original plotline that re-invokes the possibilities of comic books and stories. Whether you’ve been a comic book junkie for a long time or have yet to read a comic book, let Monstress, The Awakening take you to a badass world that stirs the psyche and revs up the resolve that even in the darkest places, courage, will, and love will prevail.

The story opens with Maika Halfwolf up for bid as a 17- year-old Arcanic with a human appearance. Named “Lot 819,” this beautiful creature with a missing arm is far more powerful than eyes can see, as bidders will soon discover.

Being up for bid is the least of Halfwolf’s worries as she moves among groups of conflicting orders, ranging from Arcanics, Cumea, and humans, to Inquisitrixes, shamans, and bloodthirsty scientists. The fascinating Arcanics are magical creatures believed to be descendants of the highly regarded “Ancients” and much hunted by other power-hungry groups, including humans. Human-appearing other than a curious symbol hidden in the center of her chest, Maika Halfwolf has a destiny greater than herself.

With a non-linear timeline, flashbacks and flashforwards are all the reader has to piece together the mysterious unfolding of Halfwolf’s journey to avenge her mother’s death and to discover the truth and history of the powerful ancient shaman empress whose death moved the wide world of Monstress into upheaval and war. From the city of Zamora to mist-laden forests, the reader is taken through magical dimensions, with glimpses from the past, present, and future, to navigate everything from mansions and science labs to mountains and prison cells.

The characters in this story are imaginative, original, and intriguing, with innovative traits and complex layers. A fox cub with a pure heart, a witch who can read memories, a wise soul who appears as a young girl complete with a pet eagle, and two-tailed wizard cats who love to quote “the poets,” this epic dark fantasy is magnificent in its re-imagining of character. Even the villains are captivating and appear just as gruesome as they act. Not only are we met with lost-souled villains but also with intelligent, cunning, and calculating villains. Even the dark side of Maika Halfwolf herself reveals that all true heroes battle their inner shadows as much as the cold, villain-filled world they find themselves in. Dynamic, multi-dimensional, alluring, these characters leave their thumbprints in your memory and a tight grip on your heartstrings as you move through this dark fantasy you won’t want to leave.

Not only is Ms. Liu a stellar writer, but she is creating space for previously under-represented characters. Liu’s award-winning works include over 17 novels and a number of comic book series. Born in Philadelphia and raised in Seattle, hers is a voice we need as she shows us the possibilities the comic book form holds for the future.

Originally from Niigata, Japan, and now living in Tokyo, the illustrator, Sana Takeda, has a background in video game graphics and has been sharpening her skills since she was young. Pick up the first volume of the series, The Awakening, and you’ll see how epic her graphics are. I guarantee you cannot resist being moved by her powerful work. In the end, Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda have created a gem.

Volume One of the series contains a map of the fantastic world and a write-up by Ms. Liu about the background and inspiration for her captivating story. Each book is as good if not better than the previous one, and the series is still ongoing, with six volumes to date. Gritty, bold, and hauntingly beautiful, this comic series is the daring voice of today you will love to love again and again.

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