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Best of NewMyths Anthology:  Volume 1,
by Scott T Barnes (Author, Editor), Susan Shell Winston (Editor), Marta Tanrikulu (Editor)

A collection of stories and poems old and new exploring the triumphs and loss, hopes and fears of entering – and surviving – a new stage in life.

Passages collects twenty-five stories and eight poems that explore the triumphs and losses, hopes and fears of entering—and surviving—a new stage in life. Stories are taken from over ten years of NewMyths magazine, and include NewMyths Readers Choice award winners with other bonus, original material. Contributing authors include Rhysling, Bram Stoker, and Writers of the Future award winners.

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Published by New Myths Publishing

Encounter Program (IXT Universe Novel)

By Robert Enstrom

Paperback – April 25, 2018

"The dreams of a dead man called to him across the forbidden void of space. He would answer--or die trying... A slow smile spread across Broderick's face and the torch in his hand flashed. The front of Somack's suit charred and began to smoke. The hatch door snapped shut, cutting off the beam and isolating Somack in the exit hatch. Dumbfounded, Somack fell backwards, looking at the smoking ruin of his breastplate. The intercom crackled and Broderick's voice came through. "You're going to tell me something, Somack, or you're going to die. Spit it out before I deflate your little bubble of air in there." Somack wriggled his helmet off and coughed to get the blood out of his throat, but didn't answer. Broderick heard the sounds and said reasonably: "Don't be foolish. Don't you know you've been watched all your life? The only one who saved for years to buy this ship, so you must know. I'll give you thirty seconds." "Anna?" Somack gasped. "What did you do with her?" "You should never get chummy with a telepath. If you hadn't convinced her to keep quiet, things would be different. But now you're going to die and she's going to have her pretty little brains scraped clean." Broderick punched the cycle button in disgust and heard the satisfying sound of the ship's pumps emptying air out of the chamber where Somack lay..."

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Announcing!  Fall, 2019!!

Best of NewMyths Anthology:  Volume 2,

TWILIGHT WORLDS, coming out this fall. Stories and poems--some of your favorites from past issues, some exciting new voices—all chronicling the dying of one age or the birth/rebirth/hope of a new.

Be sure to vote in the Readers' Choice Award competition in June's issue of NewMyths.com for your favorite Twilight World story. 

This could be your best chance to tell our writers how much you've enjoyed reading their work! Winners will be announced in our new anthology and in September's issue.

Take a look at one reader's appreciation of her favorite story from our PASSAGES anthology. We'd love to hear from more of you about your favorite stories and poems too. (Visit www.NewMyths.com)

Published by New Myths Publishing
Available Fall 2019