Need to replace a lost or stolen


If your charger was lost or stolen you can purchase with the links below. We will provide you with a replacement or loaner until yours is purchased. If you do not return the loaner, a fee (students) will be placed as an obligation that you will be required to pay.

These links have been updates as of August 2021. Check to make sure they are still the intended model that you need. Amazon will change without notice. This choice is if you want to order and have delivered to you directly from Amazon. Pricing is matched to our choice as well.

Dell 3100 - USB C (OEM*)

Dell 3100 replacement charger from Amazon

Replace staff Laptop Charger

Purchase your replacement charger from the SchoolCafe application

Upon showing your receipt to the Library for Middle/HS or Elementary Main Office, a charger will be given.


Staff or Students

You can now also purchase a charger and accessories from the school using your School Cafe food account.

How to purchase merchandise from the SchoolCafe directly to SchoolCafe Once you have paid for your device, print out the receipt and take it to the Library for Middle/HS and Elementary Main Office. Only Chargers are available for students.

*Original Equipment Manufacturer