This page honors the memory of our deceased colleagues and the service they provided during their careers.

To add a past colleague, please submit their name, last affiliation, and date of death to the chapter secretary.

Name Institution ___________ Date of Death

Edward Epp Massachusetts General Hospital 11/29/2021

Hobart "Hobie" Shackford North Main Radiation Oncology 10/16/2021

Bernard "Bernie" Gottschalk Harvard Cyclotron Laboratory 10/6/2021

Fred Hacker Brigham and Women's Hospital 11/28/2020

John Cardarelli VA Medical Center 5/5/2019

Suresh M. Brahmavar Cooley Dickinson Hospital 12/3/2018

Michael Goitein Massachusetts General Hospital 12/19/2017

Janet D. Gortney Hartford Hospital 6/27/2016

C. J. Maletskos Massachusetts Institute of Technology 10/19/2015

Neil Gaeta (Dx Physicist, many affiliations) 7/11/2015

Goran Svensson Joint Center for Radiation Therapy 3/22/2014

Bengt E. Bjarngard University of Pennsylvania 1/3/2014

Saul Aronow Massachusetts General Hospital 2/13/2013

Richard W. Piontek Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center 10/27/2013

Kenneth Wright Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1/22/2008