George Hess @ NC State

>>> I am partially retired, not accepting new graduate students or undergraduate advisees <<<

>>> Scheduled in-office days ... starting January 2024, I will be in the office M-Th  <<<

I use he / him / his - and here's why that matters.

Sydney Case and I are working on the State of Open Space 2023 for the Triangle Region of North Carolina. One headliner is that protected open space is up 50% in the region since the year 2000.  

Working to conserve green spaces in sub/urbanizing areas and to keep people connected with nature.

Drone image of a field with some large trees.  There's a greenway trail on the far right running from the top to the bottom of the image.  Near the top of the image is a roadway running from side to side.  The trail and the roadway intersect near the upper right corner.

Teaching Calendar

I no longer teach Fall courses.

Natural Resources Measurements  is a project-centered course in which you will learn natural resources inventory technqiues by working with a community partner to address real needs.  Spring 2024 (TuTh 13:30-14:45 / W 12:50-15:35).

Biodiversity Conservation in Urban Regions is a graduate special topics course in which you will learn how open space protection works in metropolitan areas.  Undergraduate seniors may also apply.  Currently Unscheduled (cancelled for Spring 2024).

Remote Pilot Certification & Skills will help prepare you for the Federal & State remote pilot exams; always web-available. Periodically offered as a course that also includes hands-on drone piloting experience.   Spring 2024 (Th 15:00-17:45) with instructor consent.  MayMester 2024 with instructor consent. Or self-paced, for no credit.

Effective Scientific Posters presents images, text, and videos designed to help you create an effective poster presentation.  Redesigned in 2022!!  Web-Based, Self-Paced.

Things I Do

Engaged LearningIn my courses, we work with local land management agencies in learning environments that combine technical material with professional development in teamwork, leadership, and communication.

Responsive Advising.  During my partial retirement, I'll be available to my current advisees until they graduate.  Prospective undergraduate students should reach out to Ms Sarah Griggs.

Fyxation East Side fixed gear bicycle.  Color is copper.  Silver wheels.  Black spokes. It's standing in front of lovely purple flowers.

Cycling is a life-long passion. I ride for transportation, health, and just for the joy of it!  We've made progress, but this region could be a better place for cyclists.  I used to favor integration of cyclists into the traffic stream, but now favor more protected lanes.

Photography.   I've been involved in photography since age 10, including a short stint as a feature photographer in Prescott, Arizona.  This passion allows me to see and share things from different perspectives.  Each month (or so), I post a new image in this space.