George Hess @ NC State

I'll be on-site for classes M, Tu, W. Th & F will be flexible. If you'd like to talk, please let me know - eMail is a great place to start and we can go from there!

I use he / him / his - and here's why that matters.

Working to conserve green spaces in sub/urbanizing areas and to keep people connected with nature.

I direct the Environmental Sciences program at NC State University. The program helps students develop interdisciplinary, environmental problem-solving skills built on a solid science core. Super exciting!

In my courses, we work with local land management agencies in learning environments that combine technical material with professional development in teamwork, leadership, and communication.

Whether you're a prospective undergraduate student interested in our programs, a current student seeking guidance, or a graduate student looking for opportunities, I'm happy to talk with you.

Teaching Calendar

Spring 2023

Natural Resources Measurements is a project-centered, community-engaged course in which you will learn the theory and practice of natural resources inventory.

Open Space Protection in Metropolitan Areas will be a graduate special topics course in which you will examine open spaces in the Triangle and learn how open space protection works in the region.

Web-Based & Always Available

Effective Scientific Posters presents images, text, and videos designed to help you create an effective poster presentation. Redesigned in 2022!!

Unscheduled (Website Available)

Remote Pilot Certification & Skills. One course to prepare you for the Federal & State remote pilot exams, and another to give you hands-on drone piloting experience.

Who is this guy? After 10 years in software engineering, I went back to school to build a career around conservation. I found I loved teaching and created ways to integrate teaching and action using community-engaged approaches.

Cycling is a life-long passion. I ride for transportation, health, and just for the joy of it! We've made progress, but this region could be a better place for cyclists. I favor increased education and integration of cyclists into the traffic stream.

Photography. I've been involved in photography since age 10, including a short stint as a feature photographer in Prescott, Arizona. This passion allows me to see and share things from different perspectives. Each month (or so), I post a new image in this space.