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No Final Exams Monday 10 Dec or Tuesday morning 11 Dec

Due to continued adverse weather conditions and hazardous road conditions throughout the Triangle region, the exam schedule has been changed.

All final exams scheduled for Monday, Dec 10, will be rescheduled for Saturday, Dec. 15, at their original times and locations.

All final exams scheduled during the 8 a.m. exam period on Dec. 11 will be rescheduled for Sunday, Dec. 16, at 1 p.m.

Modified NCState Exam Calendar

Working to conserve green infrastructure in suburbanizing areas and to keep people connected with nature.

I direct the Environmental Sciences program at NC State University. This is a new endeavor for me (August 2018) and I'm still getting my feet on the ground. Super exciting!

Students work with local land management agencies in learning environments that develop the whole person by combining technical material with professional development in teamwork, leadership, and communication.

Whether you're a prospective undergraduate student interested in our Natural Resource programs, a current student seeking guidance, or a graduate student looking for opportunities, I'm happy to talk with you ... smile included.

Teaching Calendar

Spring 2019

Natural Resources Measurements is a project-centered, community-engaged course in which students learn the theory and practice of natural resources inventory.

Urban Biodiversity Conservation is a graduate course exploring practices from conservation biology, landscape ecology, and urban planning that frame conservation in urban regions. This year, we will examine and visit Jacksonville, FL, as a case study.

Summer 2019

New Zealand: Sustaining Human Culture & Natural Environments will focus on topics related to conservation, natural resources, protected areas, human cultures, and sustainable tourism and development.

Fall 2020

Conservation Biology in Practice examines how conservation biology is applied internationally, regionally, and locally through a series of case studies. A class project and student-run Controversies in Conservation forum will round out the course.

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Effective Scientific Posters presents images, text, and videos designed to help people create an effective poster presentation.

Who is this guy? After 10 years in software engineering, I went back to school to develop a career around conservation. Working at NC State, I discovered I loved teaching. So I found ways to integrate research into my teaching using community-engaged approaches.

Cycling is a life-long passion. I ride for transportation, health, and just for the joy of it! We've made progress, but this region could be a better place for cyclists. I favor increased education and integration of cyclists into the traffic stream.

Photography. I've been involved in photography since age 10, including a short stint as a feature photographer in Prescott, Arizona. This passion allows me to see and share things from different perspectives. Each month, I post a new image in this space.