Prefontaine Race

Bulldogs Race Through Time

North Bend High school Cross Country Team Participating in Prefontaine Race

North Bend Bulldogs and the surrounding community come together to run the Prefonataine race to honor a great historical figure. Coos Bay and North Bend are two historical places that continue to touch lives of everyone who comes and experiences our coastal world. On September 17, 2016 the Coos Bay and North Bend communities came together to honor one of these great historical figures: Steve Prefontaine. Prefontaine was an Olympic athlete who won three Division I NCAA Cross Country championships and four straight three-mile titles; after his untimely death in 1975 Coos Bay and North Bend have honored his memory by participating in a 5K or 10K run every year for 37 years. North Bend’s Cross Country team came and represented while running the 5K race. Many of them were inspired by his personal drive to succeed; he never gave up, and encouraged our Cross Country team to do the same. Some of North Bend runners were willing to share their personal experiences.

Augustus Bell shared how he was affected by the race not only physically, but also the emotional toll it had on him emotionally. “In the previous years, it’s usually stressful towards the beginning of the race explained Bell. "You feel anxious and nervous. That is normal for the start of the race. Then once it starts, all the anxiety lets go and you just keep going forward; time seems to fly by like crazy when you’re running…” his experience was one of many, but it reflects Prefontaine’s goals and how he achieved them by never giving up and letting time go.

Another runner from North Bend High School was Michael Brown; he has been running this race for three years. Every year he strives to do his best. He is proud to be a member of the Cross Country team, because there is a sense of family. During a race Brown thinks about Prefontaine’s determination when he is fighting through the pain. ”Pain is our friend and you need to work with it" said Brown. "Whenever I’m in pain, I just think about that and I push on.” These words of encouragement not only help North Bend High School's Cross Country team but also member of both Coos Bay and North Bend communities and they run the 10K.

For the 10K race there was no shortage of people. People of all ages and backgrounds came to run, walk or support someone participating in the race. Together everyone did an amazing job not only while they were running the race, but also supporting other runners. Marshfield High School athletes welcomed participants as they completed the race. The overall atmosphere was welcoming and exciting. Prefontaine's memory is honored by this race every year and he continues to touch the lives of all participants and will continue to do so.

North Bend High School Cross Country Team. Starting the 37th annual Prefontaine race on September 17, 2016.

October 10,2016