Mock Election

This year’s presidential election stirred up politics all over the nation and North Bend High School was no exception. Future voters and new voters gathered at North Bend High School to have their voices heard. The students participated in a mock election to see who their President elect would be.

Each class voted during their lunch, and each student was only allowed one vote. The freshmen’s over all vote elected Hillary Clinton. The sophomores, juniors, and seniors all elected Donald trump. Many students came to vote because they wanted their voice to be heard. Their efforts were successful and their views were expressed in a healthy way. Even though the nation did not hear how North Bend High School voted, it was heard in every hall and corner at the High School.

Voting at North bend High School was optional, and the students who voted shared some of their reasons for participating in to 2016 mock election. Seth Grover, a Sophomore, voted because he "wanted my voice to be heard."

“My vote has an impact," said inspired Bulldog voter, senior Lindsey Varga. "It is my right to show it is something I am capable of doing.”

Wisdom does not stop there for future voter, sophomore Tevin Robison. “We should vote because we are also part of society and it is our right to exercise” explained Robison.

The final numbers were twenty-eight for Hillary Clinton, six for Jill Stein, twelve for Gary Johnson, and one-hundred twenty two votes for Donald Trump. The mock election was a reflection of North Bend High School’s political stance as a whole. The mock election was beneficial to all the voters and future voters giving them a chance to be heard.