Charlie Brown Play

North Bend High School's Hesperian Players put on a performance at the Liberty Theater of the classic musical You're a Good Man Charlie Brown as revised by Micheal Mayer and Andrew Lippa. Showings went from November 11-13 and 18-20. The shows profits were dedicated to refurbishing the theater. The show was a family-friendly musical filled with lots of laughs and even more personality! Being the Bulldog's first play of the year, it set a positive mood for future productions to come.

"In a normal musical you have eight weeks, or more, to work on a full blown musical," said lead actor, sophomore Jacob Renard. "We did a full blown musical in six weeks. I think it turned out as a success, and we should all be proud of ourselves." The cast of Charlie Brown was made up of students with a variety of experience. Some of the actors had zero theater background, and some were well-versed in tromping the boards. However, with a balance of bonding and learning, the diverse students put together a tight show for their local theater, their community, and their fellow Hesperians.

"Back when I was in sixth grade my sister sang 'My New Philosophy'" commented senior actress Alyssa Bras. Bras portrayed Sally Brown, whose big solo is a song entitled "My New Philosophy." "I decided I wanted to do that too, and then I did it!"

Since the play was set in the world of Charlie Brown, it had a large audience of children. Perhaps future thespians for our coastal community were inspired in the same way Bras was. The interest of the community was self-sustaining in this sense, as children are exposed to possibilities like this it shows them how they can get involved. In turn, this gives our coastal town the bodies to create more history.