Nauset Regional High School's

faculty Tech Help for Remote Learning

Hello from your tech friends,

Here is a resource to help you in these changing times. We will be adding and updating it often, and we would love your input as well. Each page has a comment section where we invite you to share your best practices. We are all in this together! This site in no way replaces us. We are still available by email and can share screens for 1-1 assistance, so please reach out.


Lisa and Cristina

Please reflect on Principal Ellsasser's recent post as it reminds us of the shift we are all making and the impact it has...

"Reentry into school has felt like drinking from a firehose for many students, and teachers are realizing that screen time is not the equivalent of real time. Findings from week one based on all that I have heard:

  • Remote learning is labor intensive when it comes to curriculum development because everything has to be written down or made

  • There is a perpetual technology learning curve no matter your level because there is always more to learn

  • Synchronous time (Google Meet/ Zoom) takes three times the energy of face to face. We are communicating without the tools we rely on so heavily (body language, eye contact, etc.) to read a room and assess how to engage with others

  • Time management has become exponentially more challenging for students without the brick and mortar schedule and being physically present in classrooms

  • Hours of being at the computer are not good for our backs, necks, and eyes

  • We are all living under tremendous stress and need down time with loved ones and fresh air more than ever"

-Dr. Ellsasser