NPS Report Card K-6

Welcome! Naugatuck's K-6 report card took more than a year to develop. A group of teachers, administrators and parents came together to understand the purpose of a report card and make decisions about what to communicate and how best to communicate it.

The purpose of the report card is clearly stated at the top of the report card - we value student growth and progress, and we value communication between families and schools.

Progress bars capture where students are in their learning. Each indicator is assessed by teachers with a developmentally appropriate, grade level scoring guide that describes what competence for each indicator looks like.

A letter that matches the key in the top left is assigned to each indicator so that you can see if your child is progressing, meeting or exceeding the indicator at that time of the year.

Progress is also captured through different shadings on the bar, so that families can track when progress was made by their student.

Competencies and scoring guides are available by grade level in the navigation bar of the web page.

Understanding the nPS report card

Naugatuck's report card

Naugatuck Public Schools has developed high expectations for student performance in the form of competencies. These competencies are developmentally appropriate and aligned with state and national standards. Our report card captures student growth and progress toward all of our competencies.

Indicators were developed for each competency so that students, families, and teachers could capture what skills and knowledge constituted competence in a subject area. These indicators are supported with scoring guides, which describe them along a progression.

Fifth and sixth grade families will see teacher comments for both STEM and Humanities.

All subject areas will be reported out, including Music, Art, Physical Education and Library/Media and Technology.