8th Grade

The 8th Grade Competencies and Scoring Guides are designed to track and monitor progress toward critical benchmarks in math, reading, science, social studies, technology, the arts and physical education. The benchmarks are captured at grades K, 2, 5, 8 and 12. The scoring guides capture developmentally appropriate growth within a grade band. The competencies and indicators are designed according to national and state standards and research on best practices and learning progressions.


Math Competencies 09.25.19.pdf
2019 MATH 8th Grade Scoring Guide

Reading and Language Arts

Copy of ELA Competencies 092519.docx.pdf
2019-2020 ELA 8th Grade Scoring Guide


Science Competencies 2018-19.pdf
Grade 8 Science Scoring Guide

Social Studies

Social Studies Competencies.pdf
Copy of Grade 8 Social Studies Scoring Guide 2018-19


Copy of Music Competencies 031616.docx.pdf
Grade 8 Music Scoring Guide 2017-18.pdf

Visual Arts

Art Scoring Guide.pdf


Health Competencies 100218.pdf

Physical Education

Copy of PE Competencies.pdf
Grade 8 Physical Education Scoring Guide 2017-18.pdf

Library/Media AND Technology

Library%2FMedia and Technology Competencies.pdf

Competencies and indicators are designed to align with the Vision of the Graduate. Curriculum is structured to provide learning experiences where our students can be the Vision of the Graduate every day in every classroom.