Welcome to the Personal Project website for Inderkum High School!

Here you find resources and materials to help you navigate the process of completing your personal project with the guidance of your English teacher and your personal project supervisor.

The Personal Project is the culminating project for your MYP experience. It is your chance to show how you have grown and reflects the Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills you have developed. It also is the opportunity for you to produce a piece of work that is truly personal and meaningful for YOU. It doesn't matter how busy you are; you have a hobby or passion that you pursue (or have always wanted to pursue) outside of school. The Personal Project is an opportunity for every student to get resources to pursue that passion.

What kind of project can you create?

The outcome or product of a personal project will vary depending on the nature of the goal of the project.

Some interesting Inderkum Personal Projects have been:

  • fabricating a custom-made Cos-Play costume (complete with metal armor, a dulled sword, and face-mask)

  • writing a heritage cookbook complete with family recipes from various cultures and pictures

  • learning a family language in order to communicate with relatives

  • learning the guitar or ukulele and recording an original song

  • showcasing Sacramento art and culture through photography

  • creating a short film

IHS Personal Project

IHS Sample Personal Projects

Required Components

The following are the required components that will be turned in when you complete the Personal Project.

  • MYP projects academic honesty form: You will complete and sign this form at each meeting with your supervisor.

  • Project report: a report that discusses what you learned and created throughout the process including evidence (visuals).

  • Bibliography: Following MLA format, you will include a bibliography of your sources. The bibliography does not count toward your total page count.

For Information on Each Component, Click on the Links Below: