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Natalia ISD will communicate any guidelines, procedures and policies as they are communicated with or established by the district. Please visit our COVID-19 website for the most recent information.

Natalia ISD Return to School FAQ

While students are out of school, please click on the Learning Support icon for ways to keep learning alive.

Each grade level has has a designated page for lessons and activities. These plans will update regularly,
How can I help my student with their learning?

Over the last several weeks, the White House, the Department of Education, and other federal agencies have released a significant amount of guidance to support schools, educators, and families regarding COVID-19

Continue to visit this site for updated information

What services are available for my family?
What strategies are being taught for college and career readiness?
Here, you will find information about scholarships available for seniors as well as additional financial aide to help pay for college or Trade Schools.
Information on how to help prepare your child for College, Career, or the Military.
Information on how to help prepare your child with Special Needs for College or a Career.
What is my K-12 student learning?
What can I do at home with my children to build literacy and numeracy?
When is my student learning?