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We're just starting to relaunch, Thanks for your patience. 

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Generally I go by "NPathe" for my public persona's except someone beat me to it on ...

https://www.instagram.com/npathepdx/ https://twitter.com/NDPathefinder 

Business & Project Links... (for your convenience, I am not implying a "recommendation" or "advertisement")

Flourish Financial Group (This is my Registered Investment Advisor business)

CMN Insurance (This is my Insurance business) 

Financial Liberation Institute               & the old FB group  

Fun, Affiliates, & Resources
If you want to Roll Around PDX with me or know about fun things consider joining...https://www.facebook.com/groups/PDXFoodiesandFreebies/ 
I'm still working on getting this one going...https://www.meetup.com/serendipitysyndicate/