Flourish Financial Group

In 2005, during my last year in University, I started my career in financial planning. 

In 2013, with gratitude for all I had learned from my time working with Mutual Insurance Companies, I decided to start my own Registered Investment Advisor (R.I.A.) firm. 

This allows me to offer 3 portfolio's build out of my favorite mutual funds & ETF's to clients that are values aligned with me. Because we are an R.I.A. we get access to these funds without the typical A,B,or C sales charges and instead offer transparent pricing of 1.2% a year billed quarterly.  

This structure also makes me a Fiduciary who is regulated and legally required to do what is in the best interest of the client (unlike a salesperson).  

I am also a (ChFC®) Here is a link about it from Investopedia 

All accounts are currently held and managed at Charles Schwab, after they bought TD Ameritrade, after they bought Scottrade. 

You can make sure I am "legit" at https://brokercheck.finra.org/     

Use #165340 for my firm and  # 5064515 for me as an individual. 

If you are interested joining or becoming a Mentee please reach out to Nandi directly. 

If we haven't met before please use the sign up form on the Home Page :) 

Here's the link if that helps... https://forms.gle/qfWuB3vCzFrpPKWF9