CMN Insurance

I proudly started my professional career as a financial advisor as an insurance agent in 2005 right out of University. 

I find it amazing that through the magic of money & actuarial science that individuals and organizations can transfer their "Risk" to a collective by spending a relatively small amount of their prosperity in order to know that if/when chaos hits hard that the collective is there to help heal and restore that loss as best as possible. 

CMN is an abbreviation for “Common Mycorrhizal Network” meaning the hidden network of fungi(mushrooms) that lives as one entity under the soil and shares nutrients and information. 

I feel that is a perfect metaphor for insurance. I also consider it to stand for "Compassionate Mutual Network" because I prioritze working with Mutual Insurance Companies. This means that We own the company much like a Co-Op or Credit Union. Therefor it is implied that their motive is to create safety and benefit for each other- rather than outside shareholders who are desiring to extract wealth from the collective.  

If you think Insurance is a Commodity you will likely buy it from a website. 

If you understand that insurance is a dynamic and complex system then please know that it is generally true (in fact legally required in most cases) that you pay the same commission whether it is computer or a person that helps you. 

Insurance agents are legally required to represent the interests of the company whoever I have always considered myself an advocate for clients thru all stages... 

Initially navigating this system of underwriting

Maintaining and updating policies as life changes

And being the Person they call when they need help the most <3  

If you want to make sure I am "legit" my Oregon Insurance License is 8378160 

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