Financial Liberation Institute

Hi Friends, 

Financial Liberation Institute started out as a "Camp Name" that Nandi used to teach finance at participatory festivals. This is our Mission Statement...

The Financial Liberation Institute(F.L.I.) is the gifting name for professionals that wish to make their knowledge and experience accessible to those desiring to improve quality of life for themselves, others, and the environment. 

By teaching Collectivism we empower humans to have a greater understanding of their inherited beliefs and a more consensual relationship to their Econo-system. 

We are dedicated to amplifying the voice of those subjugated systemically, creating awareness for those who are living destructively, and incentivizing the opportunity for beneficial change.

Current update...

We are launching our beta test of Monthly & Quarterly Cohorts for Q4 of 2023 using the Ca$hflow (TM) system to help individuals and businesses create an engaging and meaningful structure to manage their time, energy, and prosperity. 

If you are interested joining or becoming a Mentee please reach out to Nandi directly. 

If we haven't met before please use the sign up form on the Home Page :) 

Here's the link if that helps...