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FSD School Board Goals: A Focus on Readiness

The FSD School Board Goals include preparing students to be successful in high school, college and career by fostering students’ personalized interest and passion as well as increasing student self- efficacy through mastery of grade level content standards, technology, and the 5 C's (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character) needed for students to be innovative in the 21st Century.

The board goals state that "students will be able to identify interests and a pathway to college and career by 8th grade. Additionally, the number of students prepared to take A-G requirements will increase."

PATHfinder: 7th Grade Elective

The purpose of Parks' Pathfinder Class is to discover and apply personal talents, strengths and skills to life skills, academic success (i.e. Internet research, analytical skills, and oral communications), and design thinking processes (i.e. social entrepreneurship), all while leading students into awareness and understanding of high school, college and career models.

Through personal activities and teamwork projects, students will have opportunities to voice their personal thinking processes while attending to the at-large thinking of their team, plus students will have time to participate in choice activities that benefit them.

Additionally, Pathfinder provides students with the agency to conduct in-depth online research, build strong peer relationships and strengthen oral, interpersonal communication skills with peers, adults and community members.

Personal Actions to Happiness

In the Fullerton School District, students have opportunities to discover, explore and experiment with personal actions to happiness (PATH).

In the 7th grade, they will explore, experience and discover Personal Actions to Happiness while working side-by-side with community members who want to share their expertise in a particular field of study.

In the 8th grade, they will explore, experience and discover Personal Actions to Happiness while creating and developing a deeper understanding of college and university choices and paths.

JHS Skills

At Parks JHS, you will have an opportunity to grow Personally (Self-discovery, Thrively strengths assessments), Academically/Educationally (Middle School Success, Goal Setting, FJUHSD Options), and Professionally (Career Information, Resume, and Interview, A-G Requirements, CTE Exploration).