Reclaiming the lives of at-risk youth, producing program graduates with the values, life skills, education, and self-discipline to succeed as productive citizens.

Montana Youth Challenge Academy is a non-traditional program that offers youth, who have dropped out of high school or who are not progressing, the opportunity to pivot the direction of their future. Participants succeed outside of a traditional school setting by learning self discipline, leadership, and responsibility while working to obtain their high school diploma or equivalency.

Accepting Applications for the July 2020 Class!

Since 1999, Challenge cadets have provided an estimated 169,322 hours of service to Montana communities. Calculated at the current minimum wage, they have contributed roughly $1,464,635 to our economy.

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June 27, 2020

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July 21, 2020

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Core Components

The Montana Youth Challenge program begins with a two-week pre-Challenge Acclimation Phase, during which applicants are assessed to determine their potential to successfully complete the program. Acclimation allows applicants an opportunity to adjust to the physical, mental, and social discipline of the program; transitioning into the Residential Phase, they will make progress in each of our 8 Core Components:


Learn positive leadership and followership responsibilities and positive roles within social groups.

Responsible Citizenship

Understand the civic responsibilities and the role of a positive citizen within the community.

Academic Excellence

Increase grade levels in reading and mathematics, attain a HiSET Certificate or high school diploma and pursue higher education.

Job Skills

Learn basic employment skills, resume writing, job interview techniques and career exploration.

Life Coping Skills

Learn personal financial management, teamwork skills, anger management, and drug and alcohol avoidance strategies.

Health and Hygiene

Understand nutrition basics, substance abuse awareness and positive personal relationships.

Service to Community

Give back to the community by performing a minimum of 40 hours of service to community.

Physical Fitness

Improve personal fitness through daily exercise activities and intramural sports.