Steps to Apply

To apply to Montana Youth Challenge Academy, complete the following process below to the best of your ability. Our admissions department is on standby to help with the application process.

Please read this page carefully so you understand the procedure. You may want to print this page out and make notes on it to keep track of your progress.

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Check to see that you meet the Eligibility Requirements.

Step 2: Download and Complete Both Applications

Download, print out, and complete the Student Application and the Mentor Application. Follow all instructions to fill it out as completely as possible.

Cadet Application

Download a Mentor Application (DOC)

*If you have not found a mentor yet, please submit your application and counseling staff will work with candidates to secure a mentor match.

Step 3: submit completed Applications

Three options are available for submitting your applications:

Mail completed applications to 790 E. Cornell ST, Dillon, MT 59725

Email application to

Fax applications to 406-683-7538

*OPTIONAL-Schedule a Tour

We have virtual and on-site options. This greatly increases your chance of success at the academy! You must schedule on site tours in advance.

To schedule a tour or for questions, contact Head of Admissions, Mark McGinley: 406-865-0119 or email at

*Montana Youth Challenge Academy is a great choice for most at-risk students. However, not everyone is suited for this very physically demanding program. We do our best to look at every individual and their needs as we are making our selections.