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Please use this form if you need help with your Chromebook or iPad, or if you are having trouble with an app or software. Once you submit the form, you will be contacted by our Help Desk staff.

A quick note: a student's year of graduation is the year they graduate from high school

NEW! FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Program – applications open May 12, 2021

For information on the Student/Family Computer Help page

NEW! Student Chromebook Direct Repair System

Families can now send their Chromebooks for repair from home using the Student Chromebook Direct Repair service.

In most cases, families should begin with a Student/Parent Help Desk ticket. The Help Desk staff will determine if the problem is something they can fix by resetting or configuring the Chromebook. If not, Help Desk staff will refer families to the Student Chromebook Direct Repair System.

However, if your district issued Student Chromebook is physically damaged and does not work, for example the screen or keyboard is broken, parents can follow the steps on the Message from the IT Department below to ship the Chromebook for repair directly from home. This service is available ONLY for Student Chromebooks issued by the district. Student iPads ONLY will continue to be repaired at the district's Computer Center.

Family Instructions for Chromebook Repair - English
Family Instructions for Chromebook Repair - Spanish
August 2020-MWCSD Device Procedures and Information Handbook
August 2020-MWCSD Device Procedures and Information Handbook - SPANISH

Check out the MWFITT Academy link on the district website:

You will find simple videos in English and Spanish to help you learn to use your iPad or Chromebook.

Welcome to FITT – Families in Technology Training!

Monroe-Woodbury introduces MWFITT Academy, a series of free online classes to help families with the skills they need to use a Chromebook or iPad on remote learning days. Recommended for students, parents, guardians and caregivers, these “how to” classes can be viewed any time, anywhere there is internet access. The video guides can be revisited as often as necessary, whenever families have a question or run into a problem.

MWFITT Video Library

Monroe-Woodbury’s Technology Coaches have prepared a series of videos in English and Spanish covering topics beginning with turning on your computer all the way up to mastering Google Classroom. Along the way, families will learn to find what they need on the district website and Remote Learning Hub, and to review assignments and grades in the Student/Parent Portal. Additional videos will provide help with accessibility issues for students with disabilities. The videos can be viewed on a phone as well as a computer whenever convenient, as often as necessary.