Welcome to the MVSD Curriculum site!  

This site houses our Social Studies, SEL, Math, Literacy, Science, and Music Curriculum.  You will also find MVU's Proficiency-based Graduation Requirements here. 

SEL Updates - This year we will be working on prioritizing the SEL curriculum.  Ten teachers in the district are also receiving one-on one coaching with Kori Smith of Heart Shift Consulting.  They will be focusing on integrating SEL into daily instruction.

Math News - K-6 teachers are implementing the new math program using the Imagine Learning version of Illustrative Mathematics.  MVU is in year 2 of the Open Up math curriculum.

Literacy Updates - The Literacy Team is researching reading programs and visiting a variety of school systems to observe the implementation of reading instruction.  By spring 2024, the goal is to choose a new evidence-based reading program that meets the needs of our students.

Science Updates - K-6 teachers are using all the resources we purchased in 2022 to provide more hands-on learning to our students.  We are also lucky to have naturalist, Kurt Valenta, collaborating with our PK -3 teachers in using hands-on, nature/place-based learning to teach STEM.  Several teachers are also getting professional development and classroom support in engineering channges through the ECHO Center.

Music - Our creative music teachers developed a music curriculum to provide a well-rounded education for all our students.  The hope is to inculcate in children a love of music that begins in the early years and lasts a lifetime!

 Marzano's Instructional Framework continues to guide our instructional practices across the district.  We do this by providing our staff with professional development from national and local consultants as well as our very own district experts.

We are currently working on the MVSD Continuous Improvement Plan for 2023-2024. It will be posted as soon as it has been approved by the MVSD Board.

We are seeing a lot of positive energy throughout our schools.  We hope that signals a year of success for all our students and teachers.  We continue our mission of collaborating with families and the community on our journey to continuously improve our schools.

I wish all our teachers, administrators,  families, and staff members the very best.

With thanks and gratitude,

Kosha Patel, Ph.D.

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

September 19, 2023