Student Health Services

Mount Vernon School District

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Please call your school right away to report absences.

If your child is sick 3 days or more, the school nurse recommends a doctor visit.

Si su hijo está enfermo durante 3 días o más, la enfermera de la escuela recomienda una visita al médico.

Legal Health Requirements for School Attendance - What every guardian must know

All families must provide medically verified proof of complete vaccinations or exemptions before attending school or school activities. Click here for details.

If your child has a life-treatening condition (e.g. diabetes, severe allergies, severe seizures):

    • Doctor's orders for care and medications - signed by the doctor and the parent,

    • Rescue medication - glucagon, EpiPen, seizure medication

    • Meet or talk with the school nurse to update the health plan.

Your school nurses are ready to help you complete these tasks so your child can start school as soon as possible.

Please contact your school nurse for more information.

Campuses for Students with Significant Medical Needs

Our school nurses oversee student health in several buildings and programs. For most students, daily health needs can be safely met by health room assistants, office staff, and classroom staff who are trained by the school nurse.

For students with complex health care needs requiring a licensed nurse, we have 3 campuses with full-time nurses on site:

  1. Little Mountain Elementary/Mount Baker Middle School Complex

  2. LaVenture Middle School

  3. Mount Vernon High School

Little Mountain Elementary is the only elementary school offering full-time nursing services. Families may choose to complete a waiver request to enroll at Little Mountain.

We will consider school waivers for students with complex medical or skilled nursing needs, such as:

  • diabetes

  • adrenal insufficiency

  • severe seizures

  • feeding tubes

  • tracheostomies

  • cystic fibrosis

  • severe asthma or other breathing disorders

  • unstable cardiac disorders

  • or any other health conditions that require skilled care.

Students who attend Little Mountain get to stay with the same nursing team as they move up to Mount Baker in 6th grade. For students and families with significant medical needs, this continuity of care eases the transition to middle school.

Please contact your school nurse for more information.