Dr. Mona Venzon Rice, M.D.


What got you here

Your child is having a hard time learning or has significant behavioral issues. Perhaps excessive worry, obsessive fixations, past trauma or deep sadness prevent her from making friends, going to school or enjoying life. Or his moods & thoughts can be strange & disruptive. Or their social & emotional development appear off.

You're very concerned but not sure where to start or what to do. You have tried to understand & adjust your parenting to attempt to help. Or you may have taken him to therapist/s or doctor/s & tried various treatments, but he continues to struggle & something is still missing.

How I can help

Together, we can sort out what your child is going through & come up with ways to make their life easier & more in line with development. We carry out a responsive plan that may include careful medication use, oversight & adjustment, combined with emotional, social & educational supports. I can collaborate with your child's psychotherapist or refer to appropriate therapeutic services and available community resources.

A parent myself, I strive to offer my knowledge & professional experience in using medication wisely along with curiosity, empathy, fun & family involvement. I'd love to see your child grow through challenges & work towards self-actualization, as you yourself gain in understanding. If you value thoughtful & personal medical care, reach out to me.

Psychiatrist vs Therapist?

What's a Child Psychiatrist?

Issues I Help With

Board-certified in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, I specialize in the assessment & medical treatment of:



obsessions & compulsions

attention deficit & hyperactivity

autism spectrum


traumatic stress

Issues often encountered:


behavioral issues

emotional dysregulation

life transitions

peer relationships

school issues