MVR-III 1:1 Resources


Students, the 1:1 Handbook states that your Chromebook is to be used for educational purposes only. The playing of games has been allowed during the 1st Semester, but this is a privilege.

If you make the choice to play games during class, your gaming privilege will be revoked. If a teacher informs the principal that you are choosing to play games during instruction, your account will be blocked from accessing gaming sites.

Also, please remember that your browsing history is monitored and saved. Make good choices, and you won't have any worries!


ALERT #1 - Please make sure no objects are on the keyboard before closing the lid, and always close the lid gently!

ALERT #2 - If you attempt to charge another device from the USB port on your Chromebook, it may cause your Chromebook to stop working. If you must charge a device, use the USB port on the left side of the Chromebook. You will see a tiny lightning bolt symbol next to the correct port.


  • Chromebooks should go home each night and be brought to school each day fully charged.
  • If the One2One Risk Solutions registration has not been completed, the Chromebook must be returned to the Library Media Center before the student leaves campus each day.
  • Power adapters go home to stay, as the Chromebook should be charged there nightly.
  • Chromebooks should always stay in the protective case.
  • Do not decorate either the Chromebook or the case, as both are school property.
  • Always carry the Chromebook with lid closed and using both hands.
  • Every student has received a 1:1 Agreement Form - please sign and return if you have not done this already!

Be sure to check this page often for more info!

Use the links below to find out more about using your Chromebook:

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