MVR-III 1:1 Resources

Personal Info Tips!

Written By Riverbend Tech Club members Caden Price and David Wagner

Image by L. Karpiuk

When on the Internet, remember to never share you personal information online with strangers. Doing such an action can lead to your account being hacked, personal pictures being posted online, and other account passwords being hacked as well. Where you live can be shared online which can be very dangerous.

Remember to be careful of what you share online and to change your passwords every 6 months. You should have different passwords for each of your accounts. Make the passwords unique with capital & lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

Useful ways to stay safe on the Internet:

  1. Beware of unknown free WiFi
  2. Don’t share passwords with anybody
  3. Change passwords every 6 months
  4. Deactivate old or unused accounts
  5. Create strong and unique passwords for accounts
  6. Use different passwords for each account
  7. Ask permission before downloading something
  8. Never share personal information online
  9. Use letters, symbols, and numbers when creating a password
  10. Never meet up with a stranger you’ve met online
  11. Always log out of public computers/devices


ALERT #1 - Please make sure no objects are on the keyboard before closing the lid, and always close the lid gently!

ALERT #2 - If you attempt to charge another device from the USB port on your Chromebook, it may cause your Chromebook to stop working. If you must charge a device, use the USB port on the left side of the Chromebook. You will see a tiny lightning bolt symbol next to the correct port.


  • For Grades 7-12, Chromebooks should go home nightly and return daily fully charged.
  • If Opt In or Opt Out of the MVR-III insurance program has not been completed, the Chromebook must be returned to the Library Media Center before the student leaves campus each day.
  • Power adapters go home to stay, as the Chromebook should be charged there nightly.
  • Chromebooks should always stay in the protective case.
  • Do not decorate either the Chromebook or the case, as both are school property.
  • Always carry the Chromebook with lid closed and using both hands.
  • Every student has received a 1:1 Agreement Form - please sign and return if you have not done this already!

Be sure to check this page often for more info!

Use the links below to find out more about using your Chromebook:

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