New Teacher Induction Program


Mission Statement

To empower educators to individualize, integrate, innovate and reflect upon their continuing professional development in order to best meet the ever-changing needs of our students, our schools and our community.


We aim to provide new teachers with essential supports and a rewarding experience that builds professional skills, fosters lifelong peer relationships, and establishes positive instructional practices that will impact the lives of all students and their families.

The Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD) Teacher Induction Program is a single-district program that uses a blended approach when providing support, professional development, and assessments for new teachers as they transition from pre-service to credentialed teaching.


To develop teacher capacity and maximize teacher potential, Milpitas Induction program will:

  • Provide an effective transition into the teaching career for beginning teachers

  • Build supportive professional relationships

  • Ensure that an individual induction plan is in place for each participating beginning teacher and is based on an ongoing assessment of the development of the beginning teacher

  • Ensure continuous program improvement through ongoing research, development, & evaluation

  • Ensure the professional success and retention of new teachers

  • Ensure that a mentor provides individualized support and assistance to each participating beginning teacher

  • Improve the educational performance of students through improved training, information, and assistance for participating teachers

  • Enable beginning teachers to be effective in teaching students who are culturally, linguistically, and academically diverse

  • Enhance the skills, abilities and talents of Mentors to better work with new teachers

  • Offer Early Completion Option (ECO) for teachers who are eligible

  • Recommend eligible teachers for a California Clear Teaching credential.