Ms. Truscinski

4th grade - Room 211

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Homework, Current Units, and Upcoming Events

Upcoming events:

  • Halloween festivities! 10/31

Daily Homework

Currently -- Students are writing in their homework agenda books. It is not online yet.

Link to Google Classroom for the online homework for the day - Sign in to Google as your child for access.

Current Units of Study


  • Concepts and skills in Unit 1:

Place value, comparing numbers, rounding, estimating, addition, subtraction, number patterns

  • Practice math facts (multiplication, division) -- ReflexMath is a fantastic website that helps students track their progress. A great idea would be to spend 15-20 minutes every other day on ReflexMath.
  • is a new online resource. -- Your lunch number is the User Name and Password. The School Number is 393872. Remember to do assigned work first!


  • Unit 1: Interpreting Characters

We are working on creating a habit of reading in class. Our focus is realistic fiction and following a character as they change throughout a story. We'll also examine secondary characterss, look for examples of symbolism, and notice patterns in characters' actions.

  • Read to yourself, read to a parent, read to a sibling, have someone read to you... but READ!


  • Unit 1: The Arc of Story

We will be writing realistic fiction stories. Our focus will be believable characters, a problem that gets worse and worse before there is resolution, and descriptive language to bring the story alive.


  • Weekly or bi-weekly spelling lists (depends on the Days 1-6 cycle)
  • Students will have time in class but may need to complete some spelling work at home.


  • Science Unit 1: Waves and Energy

We will explore sound waves, energy, electricity, and transferring energy.

Social Studies

  • Starts after our first two science units

Quick link to Ms. Truscinski's Welcome letter and supply list

Welcome to fourth grade!

We are going to have such a great year together!

Our six-day schedule and related arts teachers

Day 1: Music with Dr. Bell; Health with Mr. Bassford

Day 2: Spanish with Senora Goris; PE with Mr. Bassford

Day 3: PE with Mr. Bassford

Day 4: Art with Mrs. O'Connor

Day 5: Spanish with Senora Goris; Library with Mrs. Franey

Day 6: Technology with Mr. Dolan