Community Wellness

Welcome to RSU 40 Community Wellness. It is our mission to create an experience for all users to find resources that will meet their needs. This has been developed to serve as a one-stop resource hub for students, staff, families and community members that are in need of support around mental health and wellness. You will be able to access information to support your basic and self-care needs as well as educational experiences for you, your student, child or other family members. There are resources being shared to increase knowledge around how we can help ourselves and those around us that we love and care about.

If you have any specific questions regarding mental health or you are not finding what you need please contact:

Angela Arteaga, LMSW-cc

RSU 40 Mental Health Coordinator

207-785-2277 ext 230

It is important to note when supporting the academic needs of our students the Center for Disease Control and Prevention encourages the use of the The Whole School , Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model as a framework to guide best practices. If you would like to learn more please view the website above.