Welcome to M.S. 224's Science Department! Below you will find information about your child's teacher by grade level as well as important resources.

Science Grading Policy

Classwork 30%

Homework 20%

Assessments 30%

Labs/Projects 20%

News and Highlights

OmniLearn brought a range of science labs to MS 224 for Parent Teacher Conferences. Students and their families were fascinated by the bright colors of light created during the flaming chemicals lab. They were able to see the invisible by extracting DNA from strawberries. They got their hands dirty while dissecting a squid to view its 3 hearts. Lastly, they learned how their body gets rid of toxins with a bubbling liver and flammable oxygen gas. Labs like these, bring STEM topics covered in the classroom to life. OmniLearn educators work alongside MS 224's dedicated science teachers to facilitate hands-on learning throughout the school year.