MRHS 1:1

About our 1:1

In alignment with the District’s mission, “the mission of Manchester Regional High School is to produce respectful, responsible and well-rounded graduates who possess the knowledge and skills to become contributing members of society and life-long learners”, the vision of technology and the goal of the District’s 1-to-1 initiative is to create model 21st learning environments that transform the teaching and learning process for all students at MRHS to a more student-centered, teacher-facilitated experience that will lead to higher levels of engagement, empowerment and, ultimately, academic achievement.

This will be accomplished by providing technology-rich, 21st Century classroom environments and curriculum-aligned resources, a state-of-the-art network infrastructure, and ongoing, high quality professional development to all MRHS teachers and administrators to enable them to lead and teach in these environments.

As a result, students will be empowered to assume responsibility for their learning by applying new and existing technologies to solve real world problems while simultaneously expanding their global and cultural awareness and developing essential skills necessary for college- and career- readiness. Furthermore, ongoing introduction of computer adaptive learning software will allow the instructional staff of MRHS to blend instruction in order to create a school without walls or time constraints. Essentially, MRHS will become a school that offers students an education that never closes and that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.


  • Provide students with on-demand access to electronic Internet resources both in school and out of school
  • Comply with the expectations of Future Ready and New Jersey Student Learning Standards
  • Allow students to enhance their educational experience through the use of digital resources
  • Encourage development of knowledge and ability on an individual level


The School District self-insures all District-owned student devices for the length of their service. All repairs to student devices shall be performed by the School District and/or its designee. Do not attempt to repair a broken device on your own or through an outside agency. Theft claims require a police report and do not cover “mysterious disappearances” or devices left unattended or in an unlocked locker, unlocked car or any unsupervised area.

All warranty claims must be reported within 24 hours by visiting the IT Department located in the MRHS Media Center.

Traveling with your device

Due to security concerns, District-owned devices may not be transported to another state or country without written permission from District Administration. Before traveling, fill out the Device Travel Request to obtain permission.

Any student who transports their device to another state or country without written permission will be subject to disciplinary action, have their device deactivated (“bricked”), and have their 1:1 off-site privileges revoked. Furthermore, the student will be held responsible for the full replacement or repair cost of the device if it is lost, stolen or damaged when transported to another state or country without permission.