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The Illing Middle School Counseling Program is data-driven to provide developmentally appropriate, preventative and responsive counseling services to all students resulting in academic achievement, personal growth, and in college and career readiness.


The School Counselors at Illing Middle School believe:

  • School counselors are advocates for every student.
  • All students have significance, worth, and the potential to achieve success.
  • All students – regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation – shall have equal access to all services (academic, career, and personal/social) provided by the counseling program and the school.
  • The school counseling program serves a central role in meeting students’ developmental needs through interventions in academic, career, and personal/social domains.
  • Learning experiences should be designed around the students’ needs in such a way as to make them personally meaningful to our students.
  • All students learn best when positive relationships are present and fostered daily by adults in our building
  • School counselors recognize the unique strengths and abilities possessed by each individual student as tools to achieve their goals.
  • The American School Counselor Association ethical standards should guide the work of the school counseling program and school counselors.

All Support Staff, maintain confidentiality in accordance with ethical guidelines and legal requirements. Exceptions to confidentiality are:

  • Harm to self or others
  • Abuse or neglect
  • Subpoena, court or other legal proceedings.