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Welcome to the Manitowoc Public School District World Language Department website.  Explore this website and discover the language opportunities we offer to  students in the MPSD as well as benefits of studying another language.  

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January 25, 2024

Spanish Language: Advanced Communication

New semester long course open to heritage and native Spanish speakers as well as students who have completed Spanish 3 or higher. 

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January 10, 2023

Since the 2018-2019 school year, students in their 5th and 6th years of learning French and Spanish at Lincoln have had the opportunity to earn college credit through the UWGB College Credit in High School (CCIHS) program. During the four year period, 182 LHS students enrolled in CCIHS world language courses and earned a total of 546 college credits.  These students also earned a total of 1595 retroactive credits!

This year 37 students in French and Spanish have enrolled in a CCIHS world language course and upon successful completion of the course each student will earn 3 college credits. In addition, students who complete their first CCIHS French or Spanish course can potentially earn up to 11 retroactive credits in that language, for a total of 14 college credits!

Registration for the CCIHS world language courses takes place each fall in the French 5/6 and Spanish 5/6 classes.

December 2022

MPSD World Languages

Opening doors for endless opportunities

Why learn languages?

Studying another language provides cognitive benefits, supports academic achievement and more...

What opportunities are available?

In the MPSD, students can study French and Spanish for 6 years and German for 4 years.  Because MPSD has partner school relationships with schools in France, Germany and Spain, the world language students have the unique opportunity to participate in exchanges through travel abroad and hosting opportunities.  Find out more about these opportunities and others...

Is learning another language for everyone?

YES!  The MPSD World Language Department firmly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn languages and all students can find success in language learning.