Middletown Visual Art Department

Welcome to the Middletown Public Schools Visual Art Department! Our program includes weekly to biweekly classes in grades K-5, and trimester and quarter long courses in grades 6-8. In grades K-8 students are exposed to a large variety of art making, media, and techniques, including: drawing, painting, printmaking, pottery, and sculpture, as well as art history and aesthetics. In grades 9-12, an elective art program is offered, which includes: Photography, General Art, Studio art, AP Studio Art, Drawing and Painting, and Pottery and Sculpture. Courses offered range from year long to semester long in duration, and cover a large breadth of art making, media, art history and aesthetics.

Visual Art Department News!

2021 Middletown Public Schools 40th Annual k-12 Art Show

Virtual Art Show


Live Virtual Reception Saturday, March 13th, 5-6pm

Visual Art Year in Review Coming Soon!

Visual Art Department Curriculum

Curricular Units and Scope and Sequence for Grades K-12 Coming Soon!