Statement of Purpose

The Mount Victoria Museum presents an authentic view of the rich cultural history of Mount Victoria and surrounding districts through the preservation and interpretation of historic objects, specimens, and artefacts.

The objects and specimens collected by the museum relate to the area’s past in the fields of natural resources, European exploration, settlement, culture, agriculture, industry, tourism, manufacturing, transportation and trade, all of which contributed significantly to the area’s post-colonisation history.

Items in the collection will be made available to those who wish to study them on the premises, except where they are fragile or rare.

The museum is open to the general public on a regular basis for education and enjoyment.

The Society interprets its collection by means of exhibits and publications and provides information and other services on request.

The Society abides by the ethical guidelines as determined by the Museums Association of Australia and cooperates with other museums in the state in the preservation of the country’s heritage.