Mount Victoria Museum


THE MUSEUM is  OPEN on Saturdays noon midday to 3 pm

GROUP BOOKINGS 7 days per week – enquiries via our Group Bookings page

Location: 35A Station Street, Mt Victoria NSW 2786, Australia. The Mount Victoria Museum is housed in 16 rooms including the old Refreshment Room, entrance at the rear of Mt Victoria Railway Station.

Entry fee: $8 adults and $1 children


MUSEUM NEWS UPDATE – JANUARY 2023 click here to read

In the coming months the Mount Victoria Museum, and other parts of the historic railway station precinct, will be receiving some long overdue building maintenance works. Initially, work will be carried out on the outside of the museum to repair the roof and chimneys with interior works commencing after a full assessment of the building’s current status. The full scope of the interior work will include removal of lead paint and repainting of walls and ceilings together with any other structural work to be determined.

The committee understands that parts of the museum that do not require refurbishment will be available for storage of the collection while other works are being carried out. When the full scope and duration of this project is better understood we will be seeking support from the wider community to be involved in preparing the museum for temporary closure and reopening once works have been completed.

We will need to shut down for a period of months and no visitors will be allowed in the museum area while this work is being carried out. During this shutdown period we are planning to increase our online activity to keep in touch with the wider community. At this stage it is uncertain as to how long the museum will need to be closed, we will keep members up to date as new information emerges from the remediation project teams.

The museum committee will continue working in parallel with the project phases to secure an extended lease period for the museum’s long-term future that recognises its unique and continued place in the heritage, arts and culture of the Blue Mountains.

A short video introducing the museum collection

   360 Video Supplied by Ask Roz Blue Mountains 

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From The Archives 

1940s aerial view of Mount Victoria. This photograph is larger than the museum's A4 scanner so a diligent volunteer scanned two images (upper and lower) then joined them together using graphics software. 

Museum volunteers can learn about many aspects of the care, preservation and display of heritage objects. Society membership is only $10 per year plus a $1 joining fee for new members.