Welcome to the Mustangs go to college guide!

This is a website for Montabella Jr./Sr. High School students to use to help navigate the college-going process and to answer any questions they may have.

We are glad you found your way to this website and are looking at exploring the different pieces of the college-going process. We wanted to make note of one thing - the definition of college. College is ANY education after high school.

Here are the different types of "college:"


Institutions that offer two-year programs which will earn you an associate’s degree. Community colleges are a great option for students who want to stay close to home while expanding their college and career opportunities. Compared a four-year public or private institutions, community colleges typically have lower tuition rates. Associate degrees at the community college are designed to transfer credits to a four-year college or university so students can transfer to earn their bachelor of arts or sciences at a four-year school.


Vocational/technical schools offer programs that prepare students for specific trades. Vocational and trade schools are worth considering if you have identified your career such as welding, auto mechanic, plumbing, chef, etc. Make sure you check to see if the program you chose is accredited and if those classes are transferable to other schools in case you decide to transfer to earn a degree.


4-Year colleges and universities generally consist of institutions where you earn a bachelor's degree, professional schools, and graduate schools. These schools offer more advanced post-graduate opportunities such as master's degree, doctoral degree and some colleges also have schools within the school, these include the school of business, medicine, law, and others.


Certificate programs are designed for student who are interested in mastering a narrow subject area. These programs are offered in different trades, professional fields, and academic areas. These programs are available to anyone. Popular programs include carpentry, dental hygiene, information technology, physical therapy and more.

Our goal is for you to find success after high school and continue your education.

This website is to be a resource for students, not to replace any individuals. If you have questions or need assistance please contact your college adviser.

Ashley Thoms

MSUCAC College Adviser

Montabella Jr/Sr High School

(989) 423-0687