Address: 502 South C Street

(Early Learning Portable 1A)

Phone: (509) 766-2697

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Transportation: 766-2656

Preschool Parents

Our Program Schedule:

4 Days A Week: Monday-Tuesday And Thursday-Friday

AM: 8:50-11:20 PM: 12:15-2:45

Breakfast and Lunch Are Served

**Please Note: Last Day of Preschool is June 4

Please return your tablets or you will be charged a fee.

The preschool team worked together to create a video that shows you all of the wonderful math activities that will be in the packet. If you weren't able to attend our event, please let us know!

Watch the video and fill out the google form to tell us about your child's experience at preschool this year.

We really appreciate your feedback concerning our program! Thank you to all who have already completed it!

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Take a peek at our kindergarten program in action

Your child will be using their creativity to create artistic expressions using a variety of tools and materials!!

How to Raise A Curious Reader:

  • Choose books that support your child's interests, from dinosaurs to wizards.

  • Reread your child's favorite books whenever asked. After several retellings, ask your child to tell you the story.

  • Involve your child in the reading by asking questions! Ask "what" questions; avoid questions that require a simple "yes" or "no" answer. You might ask, "What do you think will happen next?" Remember to give your child time to think about the question and respond.

  • Take your child to the library to check out books and attend story hours even virtually!

  • If your child shows an interest in a picture either by talking about it or pointing to it, follow up immediately by asking questions and letting your child answer.

May Creative Curriculum Unit of Study: Insects

4 Investigations:

  1. What are the characteristics of insects?

  2. Where do insects live? How do they live?

  3. What insects are in our community?

  4. How do insects change?

  5. Who works with insects?

Idea: Talk with your child about the different insects they see. Examine them if possible. What features do they have? Point out interesting features, such as colors or patterns, where they live, and how they move (crawl, fly, or jump).

Reading With Your Child Is The Most Important 20 Minutes of Your Day!

  • Helps Language Development

  • Promotes Brain Development

  • Aids in understanding a world outside of our own

  • Strengthens family relationships

  • Provides endless possibilities

"All About Insects"

Enjoy this video with your child!

"The Very Quiet Cricket" By; Eric Carle

This is a beautiful story!

"Insect Body!" Song

Enjoy this fun song with your child!

Have some fun with your children with these activities! Your children are participating in Young Athlete Activities!

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