Marysville High School

Established 1871

12 E. 18th Street, Marysville, CA 95901


Welcome to Mr. Keith Carlson's class!!!

The purpose of the website is to provide all students and parents a location to stay informed on activities and lessons within the classroom on a daily or weekly basis. Students will be able to visit the site to use valuable tools & resources. Please navigate through this site using the left sidebar to find important information about each of the courses I teach that applies to you. Students will be able to see archived data from the classes if they are absent or if they want to plan ahead. Archived data will include task such as PowerPoint presentations, assignments, note templates, digital Pearson textbooks, etc. This site will be a valuable tool for you.

I promise to work hard every day, accommodate when needed, promote civic & digital citizenship, and provide all students with the educational opportunity using 21st century skills I would want my own child to have.

Google Classroom

1st - BTFN6OZ (O not Zero)

2nd - 9CKDL93 (Economics)

2nd - J7WE9UC (Civics)

3rd - ZGBI5S

4th - DRT3BO9 (O not Zero)

5th - FLBC8C

6th - KRHTZXI (Eye not One)

Illuminate Education

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1st - 70RD01 (Zero's) or

2nd - Q1NOLP (O not Zero) or

3rd - 0A23A2 (Zero) or

5th - DD8E00 (Zero Zero) or