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Commons Living

Battell Hall, home of Wonnacott and Cook first-years as well as the Wonnacott Commons office.

One of the most prominent and well known buildings on campus, Battell Hall is home to the large majority of Wonnacott Commons first years. With an incredibly social atmosphere, and unique spaces such as the Battell basement, Battell Hall stands as one of the most well-traveled and community-oriented locations on Middlebury's campus. One unique factor that differentiates Battell from other dorms on campus is its status of housing two commons within its halls. This fosters a community of not only an individuals commons members but also a larger Battell community.

Gifford Hall, home of Wonnacott sophomores as well as the student preformace space, the Gamut Room.

A centralized building on campus, Gifford Hall serves as a great campus location. It's five stories, and multiple suites offer a pleasant community environment for Gifford's residents. In addition to the living accommodations that Gifford offers, it also has multiple areas for additional connection building. The Annex room, Gifford Lounge, and Gamut Room provide excellent locations for students to congregate and bond with students from all around campus.