MS Concert Bands

6th Grade Band

Director - Patti Bennett

6th Grade Band is where Miamisburg band students get their start! Students in 6th Grade Band learn the basics of playing during their first year and perform in two concerts.

MMS Bands Performance Calendar 2017-2018.pdf
MMS Sixth Grade Band Handbook 2017-2018.pdf

7th Grade Bands

Directors - Patti Bennett & Ryan Wintersheimer

7th Grade Bands are split into two bands - Blue & White. These ensembles continue their musical development and perform in two concerts per year.

7th8th Band Handbook 2017-2018.pdf
MMS Bands Performance Calendar 2017-2018.pdf

8th Grade Band

Directors - Ryan Wintersheimer & Steve Aylward

8th Grade Band students continue to develop their playing skills and prepare for a high school level of performance. 8th Grade performs at a Varsity football game, three concerts, and an evaluated festival.

7th8th Band Handbook 2017-2018.pdf
8th Grade Bands Performance Calendar 2017-2018.pdf