2022 Webinars

December - National AIM Updates to the OB Hemorrhage Safety Bundle

November - AIM Community Care Initiative (CCI): Working together on maternal safety bundles for use in non-hospital settings such as outpatient and community-based clinical facilities by Peggy Vander Meulen

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October - 2023 MI AIM Designation and Commitment Agreement

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September Health Equity Webinar - Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language

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August Health Equity Webinar - Toxic: A Black Woman's Story Screening & Discussion

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July - National AIM Hypertension Bundle Updates

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June - Hypertension Presentation in partnership with MDHHS and MHA

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May - Quality Improvement with Dr. Robert Flora

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April - Repurpose for Success: Combining the AIM Bundles and the IHI BMO QI Workbooks with Dr. Robert Flora (with PDF)

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March - Levels of Maternal Care with Dr. Zahn


February - Maternal 911 Presentation on Support Services

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January - Maternal Mental Health with Dr. Maria Muzik