Data Abstraction

Designation Criteria

Summary of Hospital Requirements:

Data Abstraction Deadlines

Hospitals are encouraged to enter data timely within KeyMetrics. There are formal deadlines, which can vary by program year. Please review the designation criteria above for more specifics on data deadlines.

MI AIM Administrative Outcome Measures (Annually)

  • Includes overall Severe Maternal Morbidity (SMM), Hemorrhage-related SMM, and Hypertension-related SMM.

  • This data is uploaded to KeyMetrics by the MHA each year in January. Data lag time from MDHHS is about 2 years.

MI AIM Process Measures (Monthly)

  • Includes process measures for national AIM bundles: Obstetric Hemorrhage and Severe Hypertension.

  • This data is entered on a monthly basis by each hospital participating in the MI AIM program.

MI AIM Structure Measures (Annually)

  • Structure measures from national AIM program required to be reported once per year by each facility.

  • This data is updated once per year by each hospital participating in the MI AIM program.

See the AIM Data Collection Plan (Encyclopedia of Measures) for specific information about measures within each survey.


Click the images below to access KeyMetrics and the MHA Community

KeyMetrics is the data collection and reporting tool used by MI AIM. The MI AIM Dashboard is housed within the website and training materials may be found on the education page.

The MHA Community is a collaborative site where hospitals may post questions to gain insight to how others have implemented bundles or policies within their organization.

Please contact if you have questions about these systems or need help getting registered as a new user.

Below is the National AIM Data page. Several great resources are available, including:

  • AIM Data Collection Plan (Encyclopedia of Measures)

  • AIM SMM Code List (list of ICD-10 codes used for determining outcome measures)

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Documents