Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference


  • Augsburg College - Minneapolis, MN
  • Bethel University - St. Paul, MN
  • Concordia College - Moorhead, MN
  • Carleton College - Northfield, MN
  • College of St. Benedict - St. Joseph, MN
  • College of St. Catherine - St. Paul, MN
  • Gustavus Adolphus College - St. Peter, MN
  • Hamline University - St. Paul, MN
  • Macalester College - St. Paul, MN
  • St. Marys University - Winona, MN
  • St. Olaf College - Northfield, MN
  • University of St. Thomas - St. Paul, MN


Tim Harlow 763-521-4904



The MIAC Site Contact List should be used when confirming your assignment with the host institution.

  • 5-7 days prior to the match, the R1 should contact the R2 to confirm date/time/location
  • 5 days prior to the match, the R1 should confirm with the host institution
  • 4 days prior to the match, if the R2 hasn't heard from the R1, then the R2 should contact the R1, the host institution & the assignor
  • 3 days prior to the match, if the host institution has not hear from the crew, they should contact the assignor
Facility Information & Court Issues