This year I am using a Superhero theme for speech therapy. All my students are Speech Superheroes in Training! Check out our bulletin board and see if you can find your special superhero. All the students had so much fun finding themselves and their friends. Please stop by to see my Speech Superheroes in Training!

The students all work hard and have so much fun during our speech and language therapy sessions. We wanted to give you a little peek into our speech therapy room!


We read Halloween theme stories and made crafts!

We read The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin. We answered wh-questions and drew our own Square Spookley.

We put candy corn bean bags in the pumpkin and played BOO bowling as reinforcers for good work in speech therapy!

We read The Chocolate Chip Ghost by Meighan Peifer. It's about ghosts who turn into the color of the food they eat. We made ghosts who ate our favorite foods!

We used spatial concepts when hiding the ghosts- under the table, in the closet, behind the door, in the bathtub and next to the bed.

We matched the food to the color ghosts!

Building Vocabulary and Social Skills by playing Go Fish with thematic playing cards.

Way to Go! Good game! We high-five our friends and congratulate the winner!

We practiced our speech sounds by placing apples, acorns and leaves on trees and putting pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.

Articulation: Practicing our speech sounds in words by playing Firefighter and spraying water on our fire cards that have pictures of words with our speech sound. Oh what fun!

Articulation: Practicing our speech sounds in words by playing Whack-A-Sound... my construction workers are hard at work in speech!

Vocabulary Development: Sorting pictures of everyday objects into categories with tree ornaments.