Speech and Language

at Home

The following suggestions are from the book Talking on the Go by Dorothy P. Dougherty, MA CCC/SLP and Diane R. Paul, PhD, CCC/SLP. They are a collaboration of every day activities to enhance your child’s speech and language development. I have shared this book and activities with many parents of children I have serviced through the years in Early Intervention, Preschool and Kindergarten settings. I have received great feedback from parents. They have found the activities to be very easy to incorporate into their daily routines and activities. I find it helpful in teaching parents ways to enhance communication skills with “in the moment” ideas. After reading the suggestions, you will be surprised at how many communicative opportunities are present throughout the day during your daily routines in the house, in the supermarket, in the car and outside. These suggestions will show you how to promote language skills naturally in your home environment. I hope you find it helpful, interesting, educational and most of all FUN!

For children of all ages and ability levels, families are the primary contributors to incidental learning about the world and their place in it.” Nickola Wolf Nelson, PhD, CCC-SLP

“The most important aspect of parent talk is its amount. Parents who just talk as they go about their daily activities expose their children to 1000-2000 words every hour.” -Betty Hart, PhD, and Todd R. Risley, PhD

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