Why do you have auditions when my student is automatically in the show by pre-registration?

We have auditions so we can appropriately place participants in the roles we feel they will be most successful in. Our goal is to encourage kids to grow and learn about theatre, and everyone progresses at a different rate. In addition, auditions are a vital part of all theatre; amateur, professional and everything in between. The more a child can audition, the more comfortable they will be with the process, and the more confidence they will have. Auditioning can be nerve-racking and the more you can practice it, the better off you'll be!

My child has lots of theatre experience. Will she get a lead?

Not necessarily. While experience is indeed an extremely valuable asset, it doesn't guarantee a lead role. Theatre is a funny animal: it's one area where experience doesn't necessarily dictate casting outcome. We cast based on auditions, not resume..

Why didn't my child get a lead?

Every production has a director and every director has a specific vision for the production. If your child didn't get the role he/she wanted, even if you feel he/she is more than capable, it may just be a case of them not fitting the director's idea for that role. We hope that every participant has a good attitude and will be open-minded to the role they are cast in. The fact is that every role, including chorus, is vital for a successful production, as is every actor. Playing a chorus role, in our experience, is just as rewarding and fun as playing a lead, and our goal at MeridianCUE is to give each child as much stage time experience as possible. Every role is a learning experience, and there is certainly truth in the old saying: "There are no small parts, only small actors!"

My child has has a chorus role in your last few productions. Why hasn't she gotten a lead yet?

Please see above. We will not cast a student in a role we feel they are not right for or will not be their most successful in. Every student is different as are their performance skills and comfort levels.

My child had a lead in your last camp. Will she get one in this show?

Not necessarily. Every show is different!

What will happen at auditions?

We will start with the dance audition, where students will learn a short dance and audition in a group.After the dance segment, we will have the students sing individually. We will call students up one by one where they will take the stage, announce their name, age and name of the song they're auditioning with before singing. We may cut a student off before his/her song is done, but don't take it personally! We generally get an idea of what we are looking for pretty quickly and will have many people to process. If a student messes up and needs to start over, they just need to ask! After that, we may keep certain students back to do some cold line readings. If for any reason you need to leave auditions early, let us know so we can get to your child sooner.

What do you look for at auditions?

We look for how prepared the student is (memorized), how comfortable onstage and volume/enunciation among other things. Truly, the best thing your child can do onstage while auditioning is have fun! We know auditions can be extremely stressful and we take that into consideration. Tell your child that when in doubt, take a deep breath and smile big:) Offstage, we look for students who are respectful to others auditioning and can listen silently and follow direction.

Can I stay and watch auditions/rehearsals?

Of course! We love meeting parents and family! All of our rehearsals are open, but we do ask that there be minimal talking/noise in the theatre and no cell phone calls, etc. We want all our participants to be able to focus wholly on the task at hand.

Are roles pre-cast?

No. We love getting new faces at MeridianCUE and reserve all casting until after auditions.

Do you offer scholarships?

Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships at this time. As a relatively new company, we are just not in the position to do so, but hope to implement a program in the future.

Do you accept bribes?

Yes. We like chocolate. ...and cookies. Just kidding... we've never been asked that, but we keep hoping.

Meridian CUE is a 501(c)(3) Organization. All members of this organization donate their time fully and are not compensated... except when we buy them lunch during our camps.