January 10 to January 13, 2023

Human-Centered AI & Visualization
Research Workshop

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MIT–Chile Human-Centered AI & Visualization Research Workshop is a collaborative initiative by MIT, CENIA, IMFD, and iHealth to bring together research-focused lectures and talks for the scientific community in Chile.

We present the convergence of two Human-Centered spheres, Machine Learning (ML) and Visualization (Viz).

During this week-long workshop, the public audience will have the opportunity to engage in research talks by experts in Human-Centered ML and Data Viz. While these talks are tailored to be specialized in one of the areas, we are excited about our lecture's curriculum, which offers a unique hands-on deep dive into the processes and methods in the intersection of Human-Centered AI and Data Viz.

There is no registration cost associated with any of our workshops.


Machine Learning

This talks track explores research seeking social impact through machine learning and interpretability advances. We engage with natural language processing, computer vision, and causality to address social and healthcare challenges. More specifically, our audience will hear from scientists, artists, and philosophers about community-driven interpretable content moderation, AI applied to education and upward mobility, AI explainability to improve healthcare, and ethics in AI with a focus on bias, fairness, explainability, and interpretability.

Data Visualization

This talks track reviews case studies of how complex data visualization relates to social systems. We engage with diverse strategies that visualization designers use to communicate data effectively to a broad audience, how they tell stories with data, and the processes they use to hone their designs and analysis. More specifically, our audience will hear how scientists, designers, and artists, leverage data science, qualitative analysis, and data visualization in their unique context as they elaborate on and critique existing socio-technical systems.

AI & Data Viz

Our agenda opens daily with a keynote talk and goes into hands-on lecture sessions and presentations of the work performed by our students to wrap up with invited talks. These lecture sessions and hands-on activities offer ample opportunities to experience first-hand implementations in the intersection of AI and Data Viz.

Participation Tracks

Talks track

Registration required – Registration will open in late November.

Open to the public. Designed for invited speakers to share with the community state-of-the-art research advances in Human-Centered AI & Visualization. Attendees can opt-in and out of these in-person talks after validating their Pase de Movilidad at the venue.

Hands-on Lectures track

Application required.

Open to student cohort. Designed to expose students in Chile, to state-of-the-art research advances in Human-Centered AI & Visualization. Through the course of a week, students will have the opportunity to interact with lecturers, speakers, and fellow attendees, to imagine and demonstrate their skills acquired in our multi-disciplinary sessions.

Intended Learning Outcomes: During this program, we expect our cohort to be able to:

  • Start developing a research-focused approach to machine learning and visualization.

  • Build on and critique scholarly work in HCAI and Social Technologies & Visualization.

  • Understand the benefits and challenges in working with real-world datasets.

  • Develop data viz to explore and communicate findings with data storytelling.

Students will be required a valid Pase de Movilidad at the venue.

Speakers & Team


MIT, PhD Candidate
General Chair
Talk &


UC, Assoc. Professor & CENIA & iHealth, PI
Program Chair
Talk &


MIT, PhD Candidate
Program Chair
Talk & Lecture


MIT, PhD Candidate
Invited Lecture


U. of Notre Dame,
Asst. Professor

Keynote Talk


UC, Assoc. Professor & CENIA, PI


U. de Chile,
Adj. Professor

Invited Talk

Gabriela Arriagada

PUC, Asst. Professor
Invited Talk

Jocelyn Dunstan

PUC, Asst. Professor
Invited Talk


MIT, PhD Candidate
Invited Talk


U. Valparaíso, Professor
Invited Talk


Northeastern U., Asst. Professor | Virtual
Invited Talk

P. Araya

Inria Saclay, Researcher
Invited Talk


U. De Chile, Asst. Professor
Invited Talk


Getting Here

Campus San Joaquín UC, Santiago, Chile

Located right in front of the Metro station called San Joaquín, on Line 5.
During the morning, 6am–9am and in the afternoon, 6pm–9 pm, Line 5 operates 2 services (red stops and green stops) and the trains do not stop at every station. Metro station
San Joaquín is a red stop.

For any inquiries (e.g., participation or sponsorship opportunity), please reach out to chileconf@media.mit.edu.