"A Place in the Sun" - The full text of Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels's speech at the NOP's groundbreaking, 1917.

The City of Petersburg, VA puts in its bid for the Armor Plant, 1916

Activities of the Navy Bureau of Yards & Docks, 1917-1918. Official Navy summary of BuYards activities during World War I.

Navy Ordnance Activities, 1917-1918. Similar in nature to the BuYards report above, but for the Bureau of Ordnance.

Navy Regulations, 1920. These exempted the NOP from the Fifth Naval District until 1941, when Henry Knox's General Order No. 163 finally consolidated the NOP into the Norfolk-based district along with the rest of West Virginia.

Report of the U.S. Housing Corporation. A short summary of Armor Park, the on-site housing development for Naval Ordnance Plant workers built by the Housing Corporation for the Navy in 1918. Includes floorplans of the various house models.

John F. Kennedy's South Charleston Speech, 1960 - The full transcript of the future President's speech on April 30, 1960 about economic depression in West Virginia and the Naval Ordnance Plant in particular.

John F. Kennedy's 9th Press Conference, 1961 - President Kennedy announces the sale of the Naval Ordnance Plant to FMC Corporation on April 12, 1961.

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